Do Functional Baked Goods Taste Different?

Hi, dear friends!

I admit that the first few times I ate vegan bread and cakes in some bakeries in Germany I was so disappointed, it took me years to give it a try again.

Years later however, a friend of mine made me try a healthy dessert at her place and I was astonished on how delicious it tasted. I then started to explore more in depth what was out there in the market and which recipes were being presented in all healthy food blogs I followed. It was clear to me that many new healthy bakeries opened since my first attempt to try out some healthy desserts and also many new products were now available even in normal supermarkets.

The idea that healthy food tastes weird or bad, is no longer current, my dear friends.

The continuous increase of demand for healthy and organic food and the shift of society’s mentality has pushed the market suppliers and food creators into more innovative solutions and diversified offering of products.

The quality is getting higher and the prices are also getting more and more affordable. It is no longer a gourmet niche, but rather a general society need and growing request/demand, especially in Europe.

Healthy ingredients are getting homemade bakers’ attention because of their benefits to our bodies.

Moreover, in any type of cooking or baking, the higher the quality of the ingredients that are used, the better the flavor or taste it will have. One of the main points of functional confectionery is to use the most pure ingredients in their most beneficial form, which intensifies each recipe’s main flavor.

And the goal is to substitute all unhealthy ingredients into others that are healthy and nutritious, but without losing its taste, consistency and appearance. 

Do you believe that this eye-catching and delicious cake is also a product of Functional Confectionery?

To be able to apply healthy substitutes for the traditional ingredients in baking or what we call “Functional Confectionery”, understanding the role of various components in baking might be beneficial.

Functional Confectionery can bring you that taste!

You may not realize it yet, but baking is a type of science experiment – although a pleasant and useful one that takes place in your home rather than a lab.

Each component has a specific purpose in the final baked product, reacting with one another to generate new combinations and the structure, flavor, and texture.

Baking can be treated as a type of science where you combine ingredients to get your ideal taste and appearance!

Should the functional confectionery not taste the same way as the traditional confectionery, it would be for the better, with stronger clearer flavors when we have the right combination of ingredients

The only way to be sure you like this baking method, is by baking a traditional recipe and the functional version of that same recipe – then compare the results. You may even take the jump from the following recipes to make your own unique baking masterpieces. For that, you will have to properly grasp the functions of different components in baking.

That’s why I’ve created this blog. And that is why I am preparing an amazingly comprehensive and easy-to-follow masterclass for you, where I will explain every single ingredient to you, the right proportions to make your recipes a success, all about baking and baking processes and will bake together with you dozens of different delicious recipes.

I love sharing with you all my knowledge and baking discoveries! I would love and deeply appreciate you sharing with me your opinions, your baking successes and failures, your questions or any doubts or experiences you have around baking and healthy baking. We have a comment section down below just for that! 😉

Have a sweet and healthy week!

Your Leonor.

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